Dmitry Badsz – music producer, vocals
Denis Razjebasser – vocals
2Garinzmey – concert DJ

In 2014, Dima and Denis with friends filmed videos of rave parties in a village near Saint-Petersburg. The videos mainly used the music of Dutch artists in style hardstyle, hardcore, EDM and rap because guys were loyal fans of music culture of this country. They grew up listening to Boaz van de Beatz, Mr.Polska, Jebroer, Paul Elstak, Yellow Claw, The opposites and etc.

In 2015, Russian Village boys changed their activity from party videos to music production. The first serious work was video clip “Do like Russians”, published in the same year.

Futher, until the middle of 2018, boys worked so much to increase a sound quality and to find their listeners. After the release of the Russian-speaking album «ПРИТОН» («HANG OUT») in 2018 guys made a track «I LOVE NETHERLANDS» and filmed video clip, where guys hanging out in the village in Russian style. The video clip «I LOVE NETHERLANDS» became a hit in Netherlands. This fact greatly influenced the future of Russian Village Boys, for several months guys performed in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Nijmegen, Tilburg, and also performed at the Dauwpop festival.

Beside performances Russian Village Boys released a several singles with artists like Mr.Polska and DJ Blyatman. Collaborations such as «Cyka blyat», «Adidas», «Instababe», «Lost in Amsterdam», «Ez Katka», and «Razjebasser» became hits and deserved a lot of public attention.

In January 2019 RVB released their own album «Russian Dutch», dedicated to the story connecting the guys with Netherlands. The album «Russian Dutch» filled with hard sound, energy and rave spirit. There is a track in that album recorded with Rat’n’Frikk, Dutch hardstyle group.

Now Russian Village boys preparing to new autumn tour, they’ll visit Warsaw, Breda, Enschede, Haarlem, Utrecht, Nijmegen, Leiden, Herlen and Prague. Additionally, guys had started working on a new album, release date is scheduled for 2020.